The Legendary Land of Cassandria

It all began in the infancy of the first era with one simple touch by the omniscient being Elem. Setting balance in the infinite abyss of the void, Elem raised out His right hand and touched the great abyss and sparked the beginning of time. He saw good upon setting purpose to life so He called out from His mouth with the most beautiful of harmonies and named the dawn of time Coraz. With that, the era of Coraz was initiated. Elem saw that there was nothing in time so He decided to make a world that He can place His thoughts. Raising both hands, He put them together and formed a sphere like mass and with His voice called it Cassandria. Now within doing so, hundreds of years passed by and Elem grew weary so He created for Himself three master craftsman to help Him inhabit Cassandria. He named the first craftsman Phimbor. Placing in Phimbor His strength and glory. Next Elem took His love and compassion and created Falimor. He then took His wisdom and patience and created Rean. All of these craftsman were beautiful and elegant in their own ways and Elem declared them the 3 lords of Cassandria. Elem loved His creations and saw them to be perfect, but cherished Falimor above them all.


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