Go ahead my friend,

Trust him to the end,

For he’s a great friend,

That would die in the end,

For you,

Is this true?

Is that what he’d do?


So let me be blunt and tell my secrets,

Even if my secrets ensue bleakness,

I’ll fire away,

Rant all day,

In the end it’s all the same,

Somehow another knows my name,



This is not right!

A loyality I dighted,

But deemed useless,

And honesty became toothless,


Who can I trust,

That will not bust,

Or spread false slander,

About my life,

Nor contention or strife?


Think, but one there is,

A fellowship he sought,

One that could not be bought,

So unto him I gave this gift,

The fellowship in which was sift,


Treachery out the door,

Dishonesty no more,

Life is sure,

Here is my friend,

That’ll last until death.


Of Whom I May Be


In the mindset of sovereignty,

Not knowing of whom I may be, 

Back and forth in my mind,

I can be cruel and I can be kind.


Bound by my own pride,

So forthright it cannot hide,

So depressing, it keeps me down,

In its midst I have no crown,


I am a slave to my sin,

I hold it closer than my kin,

I know not why it is,

That I don’t neglect it.


I let it rule me,

I let it control me,

Every day, every night,

It repels me,

It should propel me,

To flee the other way,

And it negate it’s stay,


But instead I fall short,

And my life it extorts,

Hm, it gathers in all sorts,

And engages in torts,

Robbing me of my life,

Causing contention and strife.


I will free myself soon,

No longer a buffoon,

And the release a boon,

Ah, I see it coming,

Oh boy, will it be cunning!

My Dear, My Sweet


My dear, my sweet,

My kind, that none can beat,

How dare you settle,

When, with ease,

You can find someone better.


But hell!

All is well!

For I will be,

Your lover see,

Until death finds the key,

Releasing us both into the sea,

And setting us free.


Oh joy this does bring,

To hear my heart sing,

Knowing you’re beside me,

And as happy as can be!


No! How can I be selfish?

And keep you from your destiny?

For with no doubt I know is not me,

Foolish man, how can I see?

It may just be?


Ah! I am confused,

And not amused,

By my fretting,

Whilst your heart is setting!

Time I mustnt waist,

To catch your heart with haste.


Off I am,

To snatch your love,

And to hold it dear,

I know my time is short here,

So my sweet,

Take my hand,

And together, let us face life,

For life doesn’t rhyme,

All the time,

But I know with you,

I don’t care if it does.

My Red, White, and Blue


In this land,

In which we stand,


By the soldiers now dead,

Who’s blood dripped red,


From coast to coast,

We shant boast,


To the stars at night,

The sparkling white,


New York, California,

My pride, my euphoria,


This land for me and you,

Surrounded by oceans of blue,



Oh you,

My Red, White and Blue.

To Him be the Glory


A tear, a drop of blood,

Overflowing sin, a flood,

He bore what we could not,

He accepted what we fought.

Pain, misery, torture,

Unto Him was brought.


Shall I stand, and be a man?

The man whom I was made to be,

Or shall I kneel before man,

And succumb to evil like a Pharisee?


No, I refuse, this world will not suffice,

Nothing here except man and his vice,

Evil, wickedness, immorality,

Shall I heed His word? Or live in partiality?


Nothing will stand in the end,

Not I, my family, or my friends,

Except the Lord on high,

With His kingdom from the sky,

I will kneel in honor,

I will bow in love,

For my King,

For my Saviour,

For my God above.


I will look to the sky’s and see His grace,

Shining so bright in glory will be His face,

Can I peer any longer?

Or will my eyes fail to be stronger?

For His light, His elegance, His beauty,

Will shine brightly ending all cruelty,


Praise, praise to the King on high,

And goodbye to this world,

For no longer will we seek to die,

For He has come to save,

Every man, woman, boy and girl,


Do what You need to do,

And I will endlessly praise You,

Whether it is my due,

So be it,

We are but a few.

Farcical Poetry

Poetry is not what you deem,

Nor is poetry what it may seem.

A gathering of words,

In which may be absurd,

Think? What does it mean?


Deedly dee,

Doodly doo,

It may mean something to me,

However nothing to you.


I can ponder all night,

Or think but a moment,

Will it make sense?

Am I a proponent?

Am I writing foolish prepense?


None will know,

If it is a show,

But what am I trying to shew?

Hm, I dont know,

What is it that I owe?


My heart is askew,

For this I knew,

When you left me be,

Alone to my dues.


Meaning this does have,

For a man is torn in half,

Is it his lover who has left?

And deprived his heart bereft?


 A lovers heartbreak,

 Left him with a heart ache,

 Is this all we know of him? 

 What sense in this can you take?


 For no sense does this make.

Undying Love

Undying love,
Undying love,
A secret is that you keep,

I search,
And I quest,
That secret is what I seek,

As I yearn,
As I long,
For your heart to be my own,

I know,
And I must,
Understand what is shown,

I understand,
I overlook,
With the love in your life,

That is,
This I know,
Should it never come with strife,

To be wise,
To be solemn,
My heart you must not cheat,

Undying love,
Undying love,
That’s a secret I’ll let you keep.