Superior Inferiority


Hail, hail to what we achieved,

For no being has seen what we’ve seen,

Why can’t we be,

What we been we,

For now we are not what we have been,

Yes, confusing, I’d say it is,

But no longer morals,

Or character is held at a high standard,

Or carried through generation.

I know I know,

Where are the rhyming words?

For is this not poetry?

First things first,

Let me get this across,

America the great and,

America the beautiful,

You were so behaved,

Ever so reserved,

Where have you gone,

To besmirch your once elegant ways,

And tarnish your foundation,

A God fearing and God loving nation,

Now sin riddled and causing abrasions,

To our dignity and rectitude,

Men with men,

Women with women,

Committing what is shameful,

But now considered shameless,

Moreover cheered rather than abhorred,

Hush hush, it may seem I’m being hateful,

But what im stating is a fact and not an opinion,

Understand, once in the womb you’re now living,

So why is it we can legally kill the living?

I wish it was the time before,

The time the founding fathers were here,

Knowing through wisdom from Above,

What is right and what is wrong.

However, we are now left alone,

In an ill-gotten society,

Forgive us our fathers whom art in heaven,

I know you look upon us in mourn,

With hearts heavy and torn,

For the country you born,

Is now left hopeless and sore.

Know I understand,

And with this I end,

This isn’t poetry, it’s a statement.

Know when reading this, it breaks most “rules”, technically guidelines, that poetry consists. I don’t mean to offend, but if i do, then so be it, by all means take offense. I rather somebody be offended and know the facts then be comfortable and be living in someone else’s opinion.

-Paul Dwyer


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