Haughty Humpty


Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

He succumbed to death by a great fall,

Some say it was his pride that led him astray,

But we know not what occured that day.


Was it his pride that ensued his death,

Caused him to stumble with his last breath,

For none but himself will ever know,

How it was he fell below,


Great and wise he thought him to be,

Widespread his boast for all to see,

In the end it made not a difference,

Surely enough he fell the distance,


Humpty Dumpty, his mind perverted,

So debased it could not be reverted,

How was it he lost his glorious rectitude,

That left him pompous and destitute?


None will know,

How it so,

That Humpty Dumpty,

Lost his own soul.


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