Go ahead my friend,

Trust him to the end,

For he’s a great friend,

That would die in the end,

For you,

Is this true?

Is that what he’d do?


So let me be blunt and tell my secrets,

Even if my secrets ensue bleakness,

I’ll fire away,

Rant all day,

In the end it’s all the same,

Somehow another knows my name,



This is not right!

A loyality I dighted,

But deemed useless,

And honesty became toothless,


Who can I trust,

That will not bust,

Or spread false slander,

About my life,

Nor contention or strife?


Think, but one there is,

A fellowship he sought,

One that could not be bought,

So unto him I gave this gift,

The fellowship in which was sift,


Treachery out the door,

Dishonesty no more,

Life is sure,

Here is my friend,

That’ll last until death.


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