Of Whom I May Be


In the mindset of sovereignty,

Not knowing of whom I may be, 

Back and forth in my mind,

I can be cruel and I can be kind.


Bound by my own pride,

So forthright it cannot hide,

So depressing, it keeps me down,

In its midst I have no crown,


I am a slave to my sin,

I hold it closer than my kin,

I know not why it is,

That I don’t neglect it.


I let it rule me,

I let it control me,

Every day, every night,

It repels me,

It should propel me,

To flee the other way,

And it negate it’s stay,


But instead I fall short,

And my life it extorts,

Hm, it gathers in all sorts,

And engages in torts,

Robbing me of my life,

Causing contention and strife.


I will free myself soon,

No longer a buffoon,

And the release a boon,

Ah, I see it coming,

Oh boy, will it be cunning!


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