My Dear, My Sweet


My dear, my sweet,

My kind, that none can beat,

How dare you settle,

When, with ease,

You can find someone better.


But hell!

All is well!

For I will be,

Your lover see,

Until death finds the key,

Releasing us both into the sea,

And setting us free.


Oh joy this does bring,

To hear my heart sing,

Knowing you’re beside me,

And as happy as can be!


No! How can I be selfish?

And keep you from your destiny?

For with no doubt I know is not me,

Foolish man, how can I see?

It may just be?


Ah! I am confused,

And not amused,

By my fretting,

Whilst your heart is setting!

Time I mustnt waist,

To catch your heart with haste.


Off I am,

To snatch your love,

And to hold it dear,

I know my time is short here,

So my sweet,

Take my hand,

And together, let us face life,

For life doesn’t rhyme,

All the time,

But I know with you,

I don’t care if it does.


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