To Him be the Glory


A tear, a drop of blood,

Overflowing sin, a flood,

He bore what we could not,

He accepted what we fought.

Pain, misery, torture,

Unto Him was brought.


Shall I stand, and be a man?

The man whom I was made to be,

Or shall I kneel before man,

And succumb to evil like a Pharisee?


No, I refuse, this world will not suffice,

Nothing here except man and his vice,

Evil, wickedness, immorality,

Shall I heed His word? Or live in partiality?


Nothing will stand in the end,

Not I, my family, or my friends,

Except the Lord on high,

With His kingdom from the sky,

I will kneel in honor,

I will bow in love,

For my King,

For my Saviour,

For my God above.


I will look to the sky’s and see His grace,

Shining so bright in glory will be His face,

Can I peer any longer?

Or will my eyes fail to be stronger?

For His light, His elegance, His beauty,

Will shine brightly ending all cruelty,


Praise, praise to the King on high,

And goodbye to this world,

For no longer will we seek to die,

For He has come to save,

Every man, woman, boy and girl,


Do what You need to do,

And I will endlessly praise You,

Whether it is my due,

So be it,

We are but a few.


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